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God has blessed Keon Lindsey with many accomplishments and experiences. So how can he help you?

Keon is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. He had a 20-year Navy career as an Aviator which included ship operations and testing new equipment. He is a Project Management Professional and has helped businesses with financing. He earned a Black Belt in American Freestyle Karate, flew small airplanes and large jets, and has a master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Keon has visited six countries and 49 states. He has invested in real estate and even coached kids’ soccer.

Yet, what brings Keon lasting satisfaction is studying and sharing God’s Word, the Bible. He is a life-long Bible student and has lead Bible studies for adults and teenagers. While in the Navy, he participated in the Officer’s Christian Fellowship and the International Military Christian Fellowship knows as ACCTS. Today he lives in Virginia and hopes that his writings inspire you to seek true satisfaction as well. His books include:

  • Have You Heard from God Lately? 30 Messages from Heaven for You – an introduction to God, Jesus, and the Bible
  • Seeking the Lord, a 30 Day Start to Your Journey – helps people grow a serious about a relationship with God over a lifetime

Fun Facts about Keon:

  • Has visited or traveled through every state except Alaska
  • Applied for the U.S. Astronaut Program
  • Enjoys jogging (not running) and summer fruits

Story Ideas

  • Does God care about what’s happening in our lives?
  • How did the Pandemic impact spirituality in America?
  • How can the Bible be relevant to modern Americans?
  • Is there any hope for American Churches?
  • Why do Polls show Americans are “spiritual” but they don’t go to church?
  • Sharing faith in Jesus doesn’t have to be overwhelming

Book Information

Who is God?  Does He care about you?  What does He want you to know?  What is your purpose on Earth?  Why is your life not perfect?  Is there any hope in this out-of-control world?  Can you actually know God?

Have You Heard from God Lately?  30 Messages from Heaven to You helps you discover the answers to these all-important questions.  The messages are organized to progressively build your understanding of the God of the universe so that you can relate to Him.  Why?  He wants to give you the wonderful life you were made for but cannot reach without Him.

In Keon’s second book we see that God has spoken to mankind and to us as individuals.  He told us about Himself, humanity, our problems, and our future.  All the messages prepare us for the ultimate Messenger and the ultimate Message.  Who and what are they?  Read it to find out!

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Are you searching for God?  Should you?  Can you actually know the Almighty?  Is there a right way or wrong way for such a pursuit?

Seeking the Lord, A 30 Day Start to Your Journey examines true stories of how 22 people in the Bible searched for and found God.  From Abraham to Rahab and Joseph to Jairus, both famous and little-known people demonstrate that you can know God and have a life worth remembering! 

These timeless examples will help guide your journey of seeking.  They are arranged in 30 chapters for daily reading.  The goal is to provide a one-month jumpstart to your quest.  This book will show that you can have a life filled with satisfaction even in our stressed and hectic times.

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