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How Will I Know The Way

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A review of Lynette J. Love’s book How Will I Know The Way, A Comprehensive Bible Study of John 14 & 15

This Bible study is designed to help people truly understand what Jesus meant when told His disciples that He was “The Way”.  Mrs. Love does an excellent job breaking down John 14 & 15 and explaining how they apply to our lives today.

The background is Jesus preparing the disciples for His crucifixion and leaving them.  “After basking in the glow of Jesus’ love, miracles, and holy words for over three years, none of them would have predicted or desired the outcome.” (p. 26)  Thomas’s famous question about where Jesus was going and how would they know the way set up the discussion for us.  Mrs. Love encourages readers to take doubts, fears, issues, and problems directly to Jesus, just like Thomas did.

Part 1 of the book shows how Jesus left a roadmap in John 14 so that we would know The Way.  Though Jesus would leave Earth, He would send the Holy Spirit to be with His followers.  They would not be alone.  In fact, they would do greater works than Jesus did during His earthly ministry.  How is that possible?  Mrs. Love provides a solid understanding in her book.

She addresses important questions in a deep yet easy to understand manner, such as:

  • What does it mean to pray in Jesus’ name and can we ask for anything?
  • Why is obeying Jesus’ commands so important?
  • The Person and work of the Holy Spirit

Part 2 of the book focuses on what it means to abide in Christ and have the Holy Spirit dwell in a believer.  Mrs. Love really helps Bible students understand these principles that are vital to a growing and productive Christian life.

She draws examples and illustrations for concepts from other parts of the Bible as well as sharing from her own life.  This approach can help students connect history with today and see how Bible applies to our lives.

How Will I Know the Way would be a great Bible study for small groups or classes for people across the spiritual spectrum.  New believers and seekers will have questions answered and gain a solid footing for beginning life with Jesus.  Experienced Christians will benefit from a refreshing review and points of view that have likely not been considered before.  This book will be a great resource for every Christian worker’s library.

About the Author:  Lynette J. Love has been leading, facilitating, and writing small group Bible studies for over 18 years.  She worked in the corporate sector for many years and is a wife and mother. Learn more at her website:

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